Where is everything?

Facebook Group: Discussions, Q&A, Advice, Case Interview Program and Resources, Facebook events, and announcements!

Discord Server: Casual chatting, gaming, socializing, regional networking, and the Pro Bono Program channels! You will only have access to the Pro Bono Program channels if you are currently on a project.

Clubhouse: Though currently available on iOS devices and on an invite-only (we have an invite thread on Facebook!), we have weekly sessions about tech, consulting, careers, etc. every other Sunday at 3 PM EST! Trying to get an invite? Check out the invite thread here!

Zoom: Official events! Zoom invite will be in the Facebook events or the email newsletter. Some Zoom calls will also be livestreamed onto our YouTube channel if the guest allows for future reference.

Case Interview Program

Now where are the case interview resources? Find it under the Case Interview (OFFICIAL) post topic in the Facebook Group.