Our Initiatives

These are our cool initiatives that we’re doing! These are exclusive to our community members, so make sure to join the Facebook group!


Networking/Mentorship Event

We are excited to host TCC’s first upcoming Mentorship Networking event through a platform called Glimpse on June 19th, at 2PM EDT (11AM PDT, 7PM GMT, and 11:30PM IST)! During the event, you will have the chance to connect 1-on-1 with TCC community members for the purpose of: Seeking a Mentor;Seeking a Mentee OR;Just Networking!…


Join us on Clubhouse! Though it is currently an invite-only iOS app, we welcome everyone, not just members of TCC. This is meant to spread word of Technology Consulting Community to even more people and further enrich the community with experiences, stories, and ideas! We hope Clubhouse develops their Android app soon!

We have weekly rooms discussing anything and everything about tech, consulting, and careers. Every other Sunday at 3 PM EST! We also do rooms at other times if you have a particular topic you would like to discuss with the community. If you are interested in proposing a topic, reach out to Christine Wong via Instagram or message her on Linkedin!

Exclusive Networking Events

We hold exclusive virtual networking events with members in the community! This serves as a purpose to get to know one another outside of just a face and a name. With a community of 50+ countries, there is an amazing wealth of knowledge and experience – all under the common interest of technology consulting! We hold these networking events monthly and vary on days and times to cater to our diverse members and their time zones.

LIVE Q&As with Technology and Consulting Professionals

Our founder, Christine, is conducting video interviews (and podcast episodes!) on technology and consulting professionals! These will be accessible on YouTube and on podcast platforms. Christine is also hosting Live Q&As of these technology and consulting professionals exclusive to the members of the Technology Consulting Community through a Zoom call! They are also on YouTube live. This will allow the members to ask any question they want about the guest, career, and anything that was discussed during the interview!

While it is a Technology Consulting Community, a decent number of these events will be of technology companies or technology focused. This could serve as a potential “exit opportunity” for current consultants but also to learn about the work and for aspiring consultants to keep their options open! Technology consultants are not just consultants – they are technology professionals themselves! That is what makes being in the technology industry so fun due to how dynamic and fast changing the technology industry can be!

There will also be events focusing on life as a consultant either as a managing director or partner, a parent, an independent consultant, etc. Even some tips from client whisperers!

In addition to that, we are doing resume drops for technology professionals who are willing to take in potential applicants! We will be building a resume packet from individuals who attended the LIVE Q&As.


Technology Consulting Case Interview Program

One thing Christine learned when she first interviewed for Accenture was there is a whole different case interview process for technology consulting! When people think of case interviews, they think of profit tree, market sizing, consulting, math, etc., but there are technology consulting cases as well! When she looked up for technology consulting cases, she couldn’t find many (if any), and literally couldn’t find anything about how to approach it such as frameworks and tips.

In the Facebook group, we have the post topic of “Case Interview (OFFICIAL)” that provides resources on frameworks, approaches, and online resources as well as practice tech cases. In addition to that, we have a case interview directory of anyone who was interested in becoming a case interview mock interview practice partner.

Here is an exclusive offer for you all!

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  • PrepLounge offers the best platform and community to prepare for the case interview in management consulting
  • You get access to the case library, framework articles, and further resources and interactive tools that will be helpful throughout your case prep
  • You can improve your performance through meetings with other candidates and coaching sessions with top consultants.

Sign up for your Premium Membership today and ACE that case interview!


Pro Bono Technology Consulting Program

We asked our Facebook community on what were some skills, experience, and background you may be lacking, and it looks like it’s primarily business or consulting skills, experience, and background. A solution around that is a pro bono technology consulting program!

This pro bono technology consulting program is going to be rolled out in phases. This is expected to officially launch Spring of 2021. We’re working out the details and building a pipeline and team! Our first project will focus in the United States. You do not need to be in the United States to participate, but the client will be based in the United States.

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