NEW: Pro Bono Technology Consulting Program

We asked our Facebook community on what were some skills, experience, and background you may be lacking, and it looks like it’s primarily business or consulting skills, experience, and background. A solution around that is a pro bono technology consulting program!

This pro bono technology consulting program is going to be rolled out in phases. The focus is just ONE project in the United States that will eventually roll out with multiple projects and regions. We want a proof of concept to test this out to see what we can tweak and improve when we fully roll it out.

The Benefits


Experience in Consulting

It’s hard to get a job or internship in experience without client facing skills. This is a great way in!


Innovate with Tech

Work with technology with your team to innovate an organization’s business!


Diverse Team

With members from all around the world and all walks of life, diversity inspires many great ideas.


Great Resume Builder

This is a great experience to show your work in technology, business, and consulting!



You won’t be alone. With the support of our program team, you will learn with our guidance.



Network with organizations, technology professionals, and our program team!



With our showcases, you can show off and present to everyone about your journey!



You have bragging rights that you made an impact on an organization with technology!

It will be more focused on technology consulting as well, but not too technical that no one can do it – mostly on particular problems centered around technology like data, ecommerce, SEO, social media, artificial intelligence, UI/UX, etc. Our team is going to vet for good opportunities so that these clients won’t seek for us solely for “free” work, but good projects that would provide value for you as well.

If you are currently in the workforce as a full-fledged consultant, this is for you! There will also be mentorship, facilitators, SMEs, and partners!

  • Mentors are consultants that can provide feedback to teams in client-facing skills, technology, and business.
  • Facilitators will organize discussion topics, monthly checkpoints, and help organize the showcase held twice a year.
  • SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) are also welcome! You are experts in technologies or industries.
  • Partners are the leaders of projects and of a region! They are the “engagement managers” of the project.

This is again a pro bono consulting program that can help aspiring technology consultants, but eventually, if we have a good proof of concept and deliver solid work, this can be something that can eventually lead to paid work.

If you have signed up to become a consultant, great! All you have to do is wait for the interest form for when we have new projects available so you can indicate your interest for the projects to officially onboard the program. Just because you signed up for the program does not guarantee a project because we want to determine if fit and interest aligns, but if you weren’t aligned to a project, you can still fill out the interest form when they come available, and we will onboard you onto the team if it’s a good fit.

Consultant Sign Up Form: ROLLING BASIS. You must apply in the link below to be considered for projects.

Interest Form: AD HOC BASIS when projects come available. An email and Facebook post will be made with a two week window indicating interest on a project. You must have filled out the Consultant Sign Up Form to be considered and notified when a new project is available.

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