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We cultivate ambitious talent from across the world that is interested in the intersection of business and technology. We can help solve your problems to improve and optimize your business even more. With skillsets and experience of many industries, markets, and technologies, our team of technology experts will guide the members to grow as consultants. We also ensure confidentiality of your data and business practices as well when we enter into an agreement together.

What to Expect

The Team

If you would like to learn more about what our Pro Bono Technology Consulting Program is all about, check it out here!

  • A partner will work closely with you to ensure the project is on track and to cultivate the relationship with you as a client with the team.
  • Our subject matter experts will advise our consultants on the intricacies of the industries and technologies that your business plays in so they can provide the right solution for you.
  • We also have mentors that will mentor our consultants on client facing skills and advanced problem solving to solve your problems.
  • The consultants will work closely with you to solve your business problems and optimize your business with technology.

With this support, our consultants are in good hands to elevate your business to the next level. They will commit to professionalism, excellency, and innovation.

Are you the right fit for us?

While this is pro bono technology consulting with talented technology professionals from around the world, there are a few expectations we have from you in this program. We will ensure the professionalism, excellency and innovation of full fledged technology consultants, but we also want this to be a fun, rewarding and ultimately a great learning experience for them.

  • You have the patience and commitment to answer our consultants’ questions and engage in discussions needed to provide a solution and innovate with technology.
  • Our consultants are also full-time students or employees, so they cannot dedicate a full time engagement to the project. We will agree on a reasonable project timeline ahead of time and our consultants will commit to this before starting on the engagement. This timeline will be in accordance with consultants’ time restraints and with client needs.
  • We will propose a technological solution that will provide value to your business and potentially a minimum viable product, but depending on the scope of the work, we may not be able to produce a fully implemented and functional product through our pro Bono program, but we are open to execute it through a paid model.

The Timeline

  • Upon receipt of the form below, our team will evaluate if we are a good fit for each other.

  • If we are, the partner will have an introductory call with you to further discuss the details of this engagement and take inventory of what skillset, experiences, and requirements you have of our consultants. As our consultants are still learning, they may not have a lot of skills and experiences, but we will provide them the tools to succeed.

  • We set up another call to determine the statement of work to ensure we both agree on the scope and timeline of the project.

  • We will select potential consultants we believe will be a good fit for the project. You will receive their resumes and will be able to further interview them for fit.

  • After the team of consultants is selected, the project starts! You will be receiving emails and calls throughout the engagement from our consultants to build the solution.

  • The partner will work with you along to ensure all your needs and expectations are met.

  • Our team will present the deliverables on key deadlines and timeline milestones with a final deliverable at the end of our engagement.

  • At the end of our engagement, we will hold a feedback session from you to our consultants. Please note you can still provide consultant feedback to the partner throughout the project for us to guide them properly.

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