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We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience that is passionate about technology and providing value to organizations! We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Christine Wong


Solutions Architect at Google

During the day, I am a solutions architect at Google as part of gTech Professional Services for Google Shopping Ads. Previously, I was a technology consultant at Accenture specializing in Workday Financials software implementations across many different industries and countries.

I graduated from Boston University with a degree in business administration and management with concentrations in finance, management information systems, and strategy & innovation. I wanted to pursue a career in technology, but just didn’t know what, so I found technology consulting! It was perfect to explore whatever I wanted to within technology and across industries – especially with an intersection with business and innovation.

I also started a YouTube channel focusing on technology consulting, careers, and money – mostly content for the young working professional with the help of my cute kitties! While doing so, I also created the Technology Consulting Community in hopes to unify those of similar interests and career paths. On the side, I have a video and audio podcast interviewing technology professionals and women of inspiration as well as discussing topics the young working professional faces. Sometimes tech professional guests are also guests of the Technology Consulting Community events!

Sze Ying Yau

Discord Coordinator and Facebook Moderator

Business Analyst Intern in a Startup Cloud-Based Procurement Company

I’m currently a Computer Science and Electronics student at the University of Bristol, UK.

I have always been drawn to technology because it is constantly growing and impacts the way we work and live. My summer internship in a startup cloud-based procurement company as a Business Analyst had reinforced my interest in pursuing a career in technology. Before the pandemic, I frequently volunteered in primary schools for children to deliver technology and engineering related workshops, including creating an LED Christmas card and building a mini video game with a pocket-sized computer.

During my spare time, I enjoy baking desserts and planning!

Evelyn Liu

Events Coordinator

Technology Consulting Associate at PwC

I’m a recent graduate from the University of Waterloo, studying Biotechnology/Economics!

All throughout my university experience, I have been surrounded by a culture of technology and innovation, which really drew me to this field. I love the constant changing and fast-paced industry of technology, and I am excited to take my first step into this field as a Technology Consulting Associate at PwC! Previously, I have also completed several internships in research, project management, and management consulting throughout multiple industries such as energy and pharma.

Outside of work and school, I enjoy going on hikes to explore beautiful scenery, hanging out with friends, and checking out cool restaurants and dessert spots!

Areej Al Medinah

Impact Consultant

MSc. Prosperity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Candidate

With my background as an electrical engineer and technology entrepreneur, I am currently pursuing MSc. Prosperity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship from University College London (UCL). My interest lies in integrating entrepreneurship and technology to create impact. 

In the past, I have co-founded ConnectHear, a social startup in Pakistan aiming for deaf inclusion through sign language accessibility. I have also built an automated mapping solution through Computer Vision and Machine Learning to streamline Karachi’s water management system. Finding inspiration in the problems that exist around me, I employ a design thinking approach to design, develop, strategize and implement civic solutions.

Currently, I am exploring the technology consulting industry which is what brought me to get involved in the Technology Consulting Community. On a personal note, I am exploring London and what it has to offer!

Addison Chen

Facebook Moderator and Webmaster

Workday Integrations Technology Consultant at Accenture

Technology has always been improving drastically over the years that I found it mesmerizing with how much you can do just from writing a line of code. Technology to me is a way to make our live easier and improve our way of life.

I graduated from University at Albany with a degree in computer science and mathematics. I started off my career in technology working in a small boutique IT consulting firm. Now I am working at Accenture as a technology consultant specializing in Working integrations. I enjoy learning about new coding methods and solving issues that can be fixed with cloud.

I also started writing Medium articles for people who are interested in coding and productivity.

Dawn, Sora & Charlotte


Personal Assistants to Christine Wong

We like technology consulting because it helps Mommy pay the bills and buy us good food!

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